moving head disco lights

High Quality Led Moving Head Dj Lights 60W BackLight With RGBW Led Dmx Stage Lighting For Wedding Disco Bar Equipment

High Quality Led Moving Head Dj Lights 60W BackLight With RGBW Led Dmx Stage Lighting For Wedding Disco Bar Equipment

Product Name:Mini 60W LED Beam with wash
Voltage:AC90-240V 50/60HZ
Light source:60W RGBW LED with 5050 SMD 3in1
Beam angle:5°
Channel :16CH
Operate Mode:DMX512,Master/Slave,Auto run & Sound active
Light Size:290*210*270mm
Net weight:4.0kg
● Unique design, uniform blending effect
● Combined with a variety of patterns to highlight atmosphere
● Compact structure, easy installation and stable performance
● Support DMX512, sound control and self-propelled operation
Product List
1*led moving head light,
1*power cable
1*dmx cable
1*user manual

New Professional 60W Moving Head Strobe Beam Laser Light Projector christmas LED Lighting DMX512 Music DJ Disco Lights For Home

New Professional 60W Moving Head Strobe Beam Laser Light Projector christmas LED Lighting DMX512  Music DJ Disco Lights For Home


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High Brightness Beam 260W Moving Head Spot Light Stage Moving Light 260 beam for disco KTV club

High Brightness Beam 260W Moving Head Spot Light Stage Moving Light 260 beam for disco KTV club

260w beam moving head light

Motors: 14 super mute motors, XY three-phase motor
Fixed color: 13 color + white, halftone effect adjustment
Prisms: 8-facet prism + Honeycomb 8+8+8 prism (2 prisms can be superimposed to 40, can be two-way independent rotation)
Frost/Atomization: independent frost effect, spot soft and natural
Channel: 16CH/20CH
Control mode: international standard DMX512, automatic and master/ slave mode
Surface: High temperature resistant plastic
Body color: black/ orange/ blue/ white
Size: 320*220*580mm (LWH)
Net Weight: 20kg
Product Picture

Mini LED Moving Head 60W Powerful Lyre DJ Spot Pro Inno Pocket Stage Lighting For Disco KTV Party Dance Nightclub

Mini LED Moving Head 60W Powerful Lyre DJ Spot Pro Inno Pocket Stage Lighting For Disco KTV Party Dance Nightclub

Input voltage:AC90--240V,50--60HZ
* Total Power :90W
* LED Source :60W White LED High Power LEDs 60,000 hours
* DMX-Control-channels:9/11 DMX Channels
* Colors : 7colors + white
* Dimmer:0-100% mechanic dimmer
* Color wheel: 8 colors + Half color effect+color rotating speed. infinite rotating
* Gobo wheel: 8 gobos + shake+Gobo Rotating speed. infinite rotating
* Focus: Manual Focus
*Prism:3 Face Prism
*Operational modes:DMX512,Auto Run,Sound action,Strobe,Stand Alone and Master/Slave,With Rich Advanced Built-in Programs.
* Control signal: international standard DMX512
* Appearance: high temperature resistant plastic + mould alloy material
* Lamp body color: Black
* Protection level: IP20
* Pan / Tilt :540/180 degree
* Plug: to send you to meet the requirements of the plug, EU Plug, US plug, AU plug, UK Plug and so on.
* Use of premises: Stages, night clubs, Disco, Hotels, shops, family birthday party, Good for DJ etc.

Factory outlet LED 7x18W Moving Head light 6IN1 RGBWA+UV Professional for Effect stage for Disco DJ Music Party Club Dance

Factory outlet LED 7x18W Moving Head light 6IN1 RGBWA+UV Professional for Effect stage for Disco DJ Music Party Club Dance

LED Wash Moving Head Light

Product Specifications

Product Size:22.5x22.5x27cm

Product Weight:3.1kg

Waterproof level:IP20

Body material:High temperature engineering plastics,black


Pan/Tilt:540degree / 180degree

DMX Control Channels:10/15Channels12/16Channels

LED Source:7x12W RGBW/7x18W RGBWA+UV

Power Consumption:84W/126W

Stage Light LED Mini Dmx Controller LED Par Light DJ Light Console For Moving Heads Led Disco Lighting Effect Console

Stage Light LED Mini Dmx Controller LED Par Light DJ Light Console For Moving Heads Led Disco Lighting Effect Console

12-CHANNELS DMX controller for DMX
compatible light effects, dimmers and
8 faders
Master Dimmer
Blackout buttons.
Output 3PIN XLR connectors
Power supply : 5v
Consumption : 2W
Number of channels: 48ch
Number of channels per page: 8ch
Standard control : DMX512
Operation temperature: -10 to 50 degree
Package size:23.5*16*5cm
Weight : 0.65KG
Installation Operation:
First, put the controller on the dest, connect the power adaptor.
Connect the controller to a line containing DMX512 compatible light projectors. Plug in the power adaptor.

LED Spot 150W with Ring 3in1 led spot moving head light 150w beam spot wash moving head light with ring led bsw 150w lyre 15gobo

LED Spot 150W with Ring 3in1 led spot moving head light 150w beam spot wash moving head light with ring led bsw 150w lyre 15gobo

LED Spot 150W with Ring 3in1 led spot moving head light 150w beam spot wash moving head light with ring led bsw 150w lyre with 15 gobo disk 5-facet prism 15 gobos rotating gobos

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Guangzhou Best Factory's top of the range Vizi Hybrid LED 150W high power is in itself an incredibly powerful and flexible fixture that has proven extremely popular with lighting designers since its launch 1 year ago. However, here we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with our lighting fixtures and are therefore pleased to introduce an even more versatile and more valuable version: the new DJ Vizi LED 150W with 24x3w rgb 3in1 wash good power Spot for good gigs and DJ!


1. Voltage: AC100-240V 50Hz/60Hz.
2. Power Consumption: 200 Watts.
3. Certificate:CE & ROHS.

Technical Parameters

LED source: CST-150W White LED source.

Wash led: circle round 24x3W RGB 3in1 leds.

Lumen: 21600 LUX@2.5m,  8600 LUX@3m, 4000 LUX@5m

Function: DMX, Sound activated, Auto, Strobe, Master/slave.

DMX: DMX-512 16 channels.

Pan/Tilt: 540/270 degree.

Special additional function: You can control the leds on/off when working on Pan and Tilt, the scan range of pan and tilt can be adjusted too when operating the lights.

Color wheel: 7 colors + white, spilt colors, rainbow effect.

2 independent gobo wheels:

Static gobo: 8 metal gobos + white, spilt colors, rainbow effect.

Rotating gobo: 6 interchargeable indexed rotating gobos, 6 glass wheels.

Totally 15 gobo disks

Gobo Shake effect.

Prism: 5-facetprism,Rotating Effect wheel with 5-facet prism

Dimmer: 0-100% variable electronic dimmers.

Shutter/Strobe: 0-20Hz.

Focus: variable motorized auto focus.

Electronic focusing angel: 15 degree.

Beam angel: 12-18 degree

Screen: BIG Colorful screen.

Net weight: 8kg.

Gross weight: 8.5kg.

Package size: 37x35x38cm.

Strong Beamwith only a little fog as the pictures below:

Excellent design and updated watts up to150Wfrom 100w led spot,long distance shootingand high brightness, with 5-facet prism:

Offering the high power light source and expansive feature set as the original LED 150W, the new model adds in full color mixing to provide you with an almost limitless palette of color options. Independent cyan, magenta and yellow color paddles – which allow variable intensities – can be mixed together to create almost any color imaginable. This expands your creative possibilities, allowing the perfect color hue for any given situation to be easily achieved. In addition, the fixture still incorporates a standard color wheel which allows easy selection of seven popular colors (+ open).

The LED 150 SPOT utilizes the revolutionary 150w high power led technology with excellent cooling systems, which has a color temperature of 5000K and offers an impressive life expectancy of 50,000 hours if use normally and take care to use. Despite requiring just 200W of power, the highly-efficient 150W LED has an output comparable to a traditional 250W fixture, double the output of a 250W unit . It also offers a flat, even spot field and even greater saturation of colors. This makes the LED 150W suitable for use in large stage productions and nightclub installations as well as for concert tours, one-off events and festival stages.

With 24x3w 3in1 rgb wash running function:

The base is with quick locks systems, which is easier to put upside down when hand up:


The DISTANCE from the light to the baby is 15 meters:

Motorized Focus is also included, to allow you to alter the size of the projected GOBO, you can ensure GOBO projections are sharp at any distance.

If you need more information, tell me freely.


1pcs 1.2 m (4.6 ft.) power cable, 12 AWG, SJT, with PowerCon plug.
1pcs 1.2m DMX Cable.

1 piece fast lock/quick lock systems.

Some customers asked me that if we have other stores to sell, and some customers thought we have other stores, because there is some stores stolen our clean pictures from our website without our logo on it, and copied the description from us.  I want to clarify here:

We have sales to many countries around the world. Please be alert of "fake brands" and "below-standard brands" that keep misleading consumers. The below-standard brands manufacture their products with inferior spare parts (low quality leds, lower power and low quality supply, and thin mental and housing)which is cheap. They use the same good-looking plastic covers and inferior spares to assemble the stage lights. As a result, the appearance of the entire products seems to have the same. In fact, the product quality from them is not guaranteed at all, is less power, is dark. I have photos and videos from another customers, it is not convenient to display here. Please check before purchase.

We have only one AliExpress store, ONLY this store. We never run another aliexpress store to sell stage lights again.Don’t like some brands, the same man/woman, use a company, the same company to start and run several aliexpress stores, sell the same lights, with different prices or the same prices.  Or one team, a couple, use different store names, different company names and different brands,  to sell the fake products, low fake watts products, lower costs of the lights, to get money.

We are different from a spouse-run shop who takes

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By using this method, selling fake products, they ruin the reputation of AliExpress, and ruin the reputation of Chinese people, and also ruin the reputation of Chinese products. in the end makes same on Chinese people. This is a vicious circle!!

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2. For Beam 200W Moving Head Light, it is better for you to buy one or two original lamps(Philips 189W Platinum 5R discharge lamp) from us when buy Beam 200.

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led beam spot 150w with 24x3w rgb wash 3in1 moving head light led beam spot wash 150w lyre moving head light LED BSW 150W 3in1 moving head light nightclub lighting dmx dj equipment for disco party gigs wedding bar club


From July 1, the price to Europe will be higher, if you have any question on the price, welcome to contact with me.

We are a manufacturer of stage lighting for more than 12 years, we work in a serious attitude, our lights are of high quality, we test the lights for more than 24 hours. After the inspection is ok, everything is ok, we then ship the goods to you. welcome to purchase from us!

Welcome to purchase from us!

Disco Lights RGB LED Laser Stage Beam Light Dj Mini Ball Moving Heads with Strobe Effect Usb Power Projector Lamp Stage Lighting

Disco Lights RGB LED Laser Stage Beam Light Dj Mini Ball Moving Heads with Strobe Effect Usb Power Projector Lamp Stage Lighting

Disco Lights RGB LED Laser Stage Beam Lights Sound Activated DJ Party Lights With Strobe Flash Effect Usb Power Projector Lamp


Product Type: Stage Light

Shell material: Aluminum shell
Protection level: IP20
Light source type: LED laser
Series: Mini
Product color: black
Mode: LED mode and laser mode
Luminous color: Red and Green Laser (LED Red Blue Green light, a variety of infrared patterns)
Voltage: 100-240 (V)
Power: 6W
Applicable power supply: DC 5.0V /1.0A
Input voltage: 100V-240V,Frequency: 50-60 HZ
Power: Red 100mw 650nm , Green 50mw 532nm
Main scope of application: bars, discos, family entertainment, dance halls, stage performances, weddings
Play mode: Auto play, voice control and remote control
Operation function: Remote control, voice control, rotation, strobe, timing
Remote control: Adjustable lighting timing
Projection distance: 5-10 meters
Dimensions: 60mm*92mm*88mm
Cable length: 2 meters (78.7in)


1. This mini laser light is made of aluminum material, which is super compact and powerful.This Stage Laser Light was Powered via the USB cable that came with the kit, USB port can be charged by computer, power bank or any device with USB port.

2. IR remote,Compared with other portable stage lights, our cordless laser lights are designed with voice-activated mode or intelligent mode, you can easily switch between the two modes by pressing the button.  the remote control power by 2*CR2025 battery( Battery Not Include in the package ) 3.Laser lights with red and green lasers are suitable for very happy occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, parties, Halloween parties, new parties, discos, dances, Christmas parties, pool parties, holidays, etc. 4. It's safe as a toy for adults, and even the children. And this light is super bright with mini size and easy to carry.can be placed directly on table or desk,or it can be fixed on Wall, roof and car windscreen. Easy To create dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.

Fast Shipping 64/128LEDs Double Head Airship RGBW Pattern Stage Effect Lighting Projector DJ Disco Party Led Lights for Xmas

Fast Shipping 64/128LEDs Double Head Airship RGBW Pattern Stage Effect Lighting Projector  DJ Disco Party Led Lights for Xmas

Free Shipping 64/128LEDs Double Head Airship RGBW Pattern Stage Effect Lighting Projector  DJ Disco Party Led Lights for Xmas

Item Description


- 64/128pcs RGBW LED stage light which has unique and special airship appearance
- It can create hundreds of dynamic multicolored patterns; fuel your passion and the best visual atmosphere
- Support Auto and Voice-activated modes
- Adjustable lens angle and low power consumption
- Durable, easy to use and soft luminescence
- Wide used in Disco, Clubs, KTV, Pub, Bar, Banquet, Weddings, Family Parties, etc.


Voltage: AC90V-240V 50-60Hz
Lamp: 64/128pcs F5mm high brightness Leds
Led: 4pcs Red + 28pcs Green + 20pcs Blue + 12pcs White(64pcs leds)/8pcs Red + 56pcs Green + 40pcs Blue + 24pcs White(128pcs leds)
Light Color: RGBW
Total power: 10w/20w
Led life: 50000 hours
Control Mode: sound active/auto
Effect: hundreds of dynamic change
Size: 24*14*13.5cm/24*24*10cm
Weight: 0.7kg/1.1kg
Plug:EU plug,US plug.if you need other type plug,please contact us or leave us a message.
Operation  Instructions:
(1)sound active: address code 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/10 closed, address code 9 open.
(2)auto mode: address code 9/10 closed. Address code 8-1 to control the auto speed from fast to slow.

1) We accept Alipay, West Union, TT.All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor ESCROW.

2) Payment must be made within 3 days of order.

3) If you can't checkout immediately after auction close, please wait for a few minutes and retry Payments must be completed within 3 days.

1. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.(Except some countries and APO/FPO)
2. Orders processed timely after the payment verification.
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1. You have 7 days to contact us and 30 days to return it from the date it was received. If this item is in your possession more than 7 days, it is considered used and WE WILL NOT ISSUE YOU A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Shipping cost is bear by both seller and buyer in half.
2. All returned items MUST BE in the original packaging and you MUST PROVIDE us with the shipping tracking number, specific reason for the return, and your po#.
3. We will refund YOUR FULL WINNING BID AMOUNT, upon receipt of the item in its original condition and packaging with all components and accessories included, AFTER BOTH Buyer and Seller cancel the transaction from aliexpress. OR, you may choose to have a replacement.
4.  We will bear all the shipping cost if the product(s) is (are) not as advertised.

1. 12 months Manufacturer`s limited Warranty for defective items (excluding items damaged and/or misused after receipt). Accessories come with a 3-month warranty.
2. Defective items MUST BE reported and returned within the warranty period (and in the original packaging, if possible). You must tell us what the defect is and give us your order number. WE DO NOT REPAIR OR REPLACE ITEMS WITH AN EXPIRED WARRANTY.
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2pcs LED Spot 75W Moving Head Light Gobo/Pattern Rotation Manual Focus With DMX Controller For Projector Dj Disco Stage Lighting

2pcs LED Spot 75W Moving Head Light Gobo/Pattern Rotation Manual Focus With DMX Controller For Projector Dj Disco Stage Lighting

Product Description
Technical Parameters:
Voltage: AC100-240V 50-60HZ
Light source: 1pc 75w white led high power LED lamp
Colors : 7colors + white
Total power: DC 12V/ 90W
Life Time: 50,000 hours
Strobe: 10 Flashes per second (any color)
Playing mode: Auto-running,Sound-activated,DMX512, master-slave
Built in programs: Standard, stage, TV, Architectural and theatrical mode.
Control channel: 9/11 channels
Horizontal scan angle: 540°, speed can be controlled.
Vertical scan angle: 180 ° , speed can be controlled.
Color wheel: 8 colors + Half color effect+color rotating speed. infinite rotating
Gobo wheel: 8 gobos + shake+Gobo Rotating speed.  infinite rotating
Dimmer: 0-100% with regulated constant color control
Focus: Manual Focus
Control panel: 4 Digital LED display figures
Display board: LED display
Body size: 16x15x19cm
N.W: 3.2KG
Package includes :
1 X led spot gobo moving head light
1 X user manual
1 X U bracket
1 X  power cord
1. Europe countries---Europe Standard Plug. UK Plug.USA, Canada, Mexico---USA Standard Plug.Australia, New Zealand Standard Plug . If ship to other countries, please tell me which plug you need before our shipping.

Shipping :
1. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. All orders will be shipped from Guangzhou in China. Carrier by DHL:2-4 Days, UPSS:5-7 Days, UPSE:4-6 Days, FEDEX: 5-7 days and TNT, EMS, CHINA POAT AND HONGKONG POST.
2. If you purchase multiple items,  you can save freight for each additional items. If you buy 12pcs or more and only need only 1 user manual, you save 11 user manual, you can save US$1 for Energy Saving.
3. We have much experience on making a lower value on the invoice to accompany the goods and to reduce the customs tax to be payed on your Importation. Lower value on invoice will regard as a GIFT, if you don’t need the  "gift", don’t hesitate to tell me. If you have difficulty in doing your declaration, or you need to scan the less value page, please tell us, we do for you!
4. We ship to Aliexpress’s address ONLY, Please make sure your address in aliexpress is matched with your shipping address before you pay.
5. Almost all shipments will be delivered directly from our factory to your door, if you leave a DETAILED RESIDENT ADDRESS WITH A VALID CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER, but there's sometime package maybe failed of dispatching, we will note you to contact your local postal system or Customs to get your parcel.
6. Shipping Time
- Orders Saturday-Thursday -  get the SECOND DAY SHIPPING!
- Orders Friday- Ship On Sunday.

-If you want to refund or you want to buy other products to replace the items you already payed, please tell us asap.
- We will tell you the tracking number on the second day of shipping.
7. If the goods is sending to Brazil, please kindly give us your CPF number, thanks a lot in advance.
8. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyers responsibility.
-Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying.
9. Please be advised that for 110V/220V/240V product when placing an order. All our products are AC110-240V. If you need other special volts, please contact us on/before placing orders.
10. Please keep the bill of shipping, if the items are damaged, please contact us within 24 hours. All the goods when shipping at factory are in good conditions, please appeal to the local carrier and ask for a compensation within 3 days after received the goods from carrier.
11. Insurance. For big value goods, please buy insurance for shipping if you want. FREE SHIPPING is not including insurance fee.  Please contact us if need insurance.

Returns :
1. All returns must be postmarked within 14 days of receipt of the date of confirmed delivery by Carrier.
If items are damaged, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt.
2. Refunds are available within 30 days of the original date of your receipt of the items.The outgoing shipping costs that we paid already and the freight of sending back will also be deducted from the total amount.
3. Please contact us before sending back.
4. Please contact us before you put a dispute or want a partial refund/compensation.

Warranty :
1. All products will have 2 years warranty. The lamp is not included. All other spare parts will be free of charge during the warranty period, but the freight will be payed by the buyers. After the warranty, we give you spare parts at costs price and you pay the the freight.
2. All faulty due to improper installation or improper use will NOT be covered by the warranty. Any physical damage will void your warranty.

Communication :
1. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us, chat online on TradeManager is highly appreciated.
2. We are in contacting on weekends too.
3. We ship lights from Monday to Sunday, 7 days a week.

Feedback :
1. We are Lighting Experts. We are in love with lightings, we would love for you to check and contact us if any questions.
2.I will tell you the tracking number to you on Aliexpress/email. We appreciate you leave 5 STAR of Detailed Seller Rating and POSITIVE Feedback for us upon receipt of your item.
3. If you have any problems, please message us and allow us an opportunity to deal with the problem and we will do our best to assist you.

Contacts :
1. If you have any questions or concerns before or after receiving your items, please do not hesitate to contact us.
2.Emails/Messages are answered within 12 hours Monday through Sunday. Rest assured all customer inquiries are a high priority and will be responded to in a timely and professional manner.
3. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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